Mary’s Peak

October 17, 1999

On our trip to the trailhead we had a preview of the coming of fall colors. The day was clear and sunny with a cool to chilly wind near the summit. Our hike was mostly a steady uphill trek for a 2000-ft. elevation gain. There were many switchbacks along the heavily forested steep mountain side. Occasionally the trail deviated from its steady pitch with relaxing undulations. Lunch was followed by a final walk to the summit from where we enjoyed tremendous views including more than half-a-dozen mountain peaks along the crest of the Cascades. Hikers were Melody Mann, Gisele Garrity, Michelle Tambellini, Sam Miller, Karen Myers, Yuan Hopkins, Martin Finzer, Ken Johnson, Jim Fritz, Joanne Ledet, Fred & Suzie Gaffney, Mel Zavodsky, Herb Lee and leader Jean Ridone.

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