Row River Trail

October 16, 1999

Bob Devine and Gayle Berge led the Eugene contingent to the start with the necessary first-aid kit and sign-up sheet. What a gorgeous day we were greeted with — a bit cool to start but warmed up so we shed some layers. We hadn’t gone but five minutes on the trail when a dog ran towards Sandy and he wound up in a ditch beside the trail. The blackberries did a number on his skin and the bike was somewhat damaged, but he managed to get over the shock and determined that the bike was rideable. The dog owner gave Sandy his name and phone number and stayed by till we were all off on the ride. (He didn’t even have a leash with him.) The rest of the ride was just great — beautiful fall colors and very blue sky. The leader brought along two-way radios, one for the leader and one for the rear leader — very handy for groups that can get strung out. We took a look at Wildwood Falls before going to lunch at the Rujada Campground, and were back by about 3:00 p.m. Riders included Gayle Berge, Max Brown, Jo Chambers, Bob Devine, Charles Missar, John Mowat, Bill Prentice, Sue Sullivan, Lois & Sandy Weinfeld and leader Shirley Froyd.

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