Maiden Peak

October 9, 1999

We left Springfield with the weather very cloudy and low fog. As we left Oakridge the sky lightened with bits of blue sky, and arrived at the trailhead in full sunshine. The elevation gain was approximately 2700 ft. over 5.5 miles. At times we were in heavy forest and at other times on ridges and able to see Mt. Fuji, Mt. Ray and Waldo Lake. We enjoyed a panoramic view of mountains, peaks and lakes as we ate lunch, and the weather was warm with little wind. After resting we descended the same trail to an area above the PCNST. At this point, several of the group left the trail to find Maiden Peak Shelter; it was an unsuccessful trek. We returned to the cars and all agreed it had been a very good day atop Maiden Peak for Peggy Mathes, Bob Esker, Kathryn McNeal, Bob Huntley, George Baitinger, Peter Graham, Doug McCarty, Brian Hoyland, Dave Strutin, Mark Slipp and leader Gerry Roe.

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