Triangulation Peak and Boca Cave

September 25, 1999

With warm weather in the valley, we looked forward to a nice day in the mountains. On our drive, we had sunshine at times, but it was cloudy most of the way, with wet highway in places. It sprinkled a bit, and was misting as we set out on the trail. We enjoyed eating a few of the late huckleberries along the trail. We went to the site of the old fire lookout on the summit of Triangulation Peak, where the leader had first gone about 1951. We had a cool breeze there, so we descended a bit before stopping to eat our lunches. We thought we were the only hikers on the trail that day, and were surprised to see two young fellows and a young lady coming from the cave with large packs. They had spent the night in the cave, and reported that the clouds had not moved into that area until early that morning. They were from Salem. After eating a bit, we made our way down the more difficult part of our trail to the cave. Usually, one can go to a particular area of the large cave and turning toward Mt. Jefferson, the mountain is beautifully framed by the entrance to the cave. But this day we saw nothing but clouds. On our hike out, we met another two young fellows and a young lady, who were on their way in. They were conditioning for a planned trip to see much of South America. Although we had no sprinkle or rain on our hike, we returned to the car with wet pants and boots, due to the damp bushes overhanging the trail in places. As we drove down the road, clouds were still hiking the mountain. Even without the usual nice views of Jefferson, we had a nice hike and a very enjoyable day. We had one no-show, so there were only two of us on this hike, members Yuan Hopkins and Norm Benton (leader).

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