Jefferson Park

September 24-25, 1999

The 8th annual Jeff Park backpack proved to be most unusual! With a sign-up of 12, we left town with five. The hike in was great — sunshine but cool. The stroll over to the spring was nice. On the way back the wind started to blow. By 5:00 it had increased. We all met for dinner at 5:30. By 7:00 everyone went to their tents because of the cold. Several hours later, with the wind now constant at 25-35 mph, an unusual (for this person) thing happened. A low roar could be heard in the distance. You could hear it coming, then the tent would thrash and practically fly apart, and the roar would pass on. The rain started. We had rain, constant wind and “roars” all night long. Only Scott managed to sleep. The next morning, with the wind still blowing, it was drizzly and damp and most everything was wet. A vote was taken and we had packed end were out of there by 10:00 a.m. At least everyone got to see the mountain and part of the park. Next year we go back to the second weekend in September! Very special thanks to Scott for driving, and to all for being such good sports about a most uncomfortable situation. Royal Murdock, Janet Towar, Scott Hovis, Sharon Ritchie (leader) and nonmember Bob Eskew. Oh, yes! Don’t leave your car overnight at Amazon Community Center. Royal got his truck broken into, the radio taken, and the ignition wires cut in an attempt to steal the truck!

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