Wickiup Plain, Rock Mesa, LeConte Crater

September 7, 1999

After an early start in Eugene we made our rendezvous with two of our group at the Devil’s Lake trailhead, one minute long of the appointed hour! We battled mosquitoes for a couple of miles in the alpine forest and then broke out in the open with a south breeze at Wickiup Plain for a perfect summer day in the Cascades: Rock Mesa, LeConte Crater, an unnamed cone, House Rock, The Wife, The Husband, the tip of Middle Sister and the whole of South Sister and Broken Top enfolded us as we explored the area that once faced doom from the Kitty Litter manufacturing company! Again, we say Thank You to those who for almost half a century led the struggle to keep the Three Sisters Wilderness area pristine for future generations, and a special Thank You to the now disbanded Friends of the Three Sisters organization who did so much in this regard. The two non-members of our group, Pat Adams and Lois Weinfeld, had never been in the area. Obsidians were Catherine Jones, Velma Shirk, Nola Shurtleff, Margaret Wiese and Vi Johnson, leader.

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