Four-In-One Cone

September 4, 1999

Trinley Manang, Chuck Mitchell, Roy Nelson, Michele Tambellini, Grant Wiegart and Clare Tucker (leader) made the hike up through the lava fields to view North Sister. A snow bank lying along the northeast side of the lava field obstructed our path for a short distance, but everyone made it down over the rough terrain without any scrapes — no bandaids needed! After a leisurely lunch we hiked on up through very loose pumice to the top of Four-in-One Cone to catch a glimpse of Broken Top, Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson and Mt. Hood. We all felt lucky to be out on a perfect day — no mosquitoes, warm but not hot, and blue skies! On the car trip back, some of us experienced the remarkable benefit of stopping for ice cream as a way to get rid of “car stiffness”.

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