Little Brother

September 3, 1999

Three of us left the SEHS parking lot at 7:30 a.m. on a sunny Friday morning (the Friday before Labor Day), and after a brief stop at the McKenzie Ranger Station to pick up an Obsidian Area permit we were headed up the Obsidian Trail around 9:00. We went up through the woods, across Jerry lava flow (with requisite stops to drink in the spectacular views of North and Middle Sisters), and on to Sunshine Meadow. From the Meadow we followed the Glacier Way Trail along Glacier Creek, and veered off to the north-east when we were near Scott Spring. We then hiked up the most appealing looking trough (which was mostly snow filled) toward the south-east corner of Little Brother. Once we made the S.E. corner, it was an easy scramble to the summit, where we arrived about noon and basked in the sun and ate and drank for a solid hour (though there was a cool wind in some exposed areas, it was easy to find shelter). On the way out, we took the Pacific Crest Trail (or a rough approximation thereof where it was snowed under) by the areas of Glinting Obsidian, past Sister Spring (where we filtered and drank some truly cold water), past Obsidian Falls, and then back down to the trailhead on Obsidian Trail. It doesn’t get more “Obsidian’ than this! Along for this adventure were Brian Hoyland, Doug McCarty and Doug Quirk (leader).

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