Lowder Mountain

August 29, 1999

The misting fog did not stop 12 hardy souls from enduring the wet cold hike to the summit of a very cloudy Lowder Mountain. After arriving at the top — which we knew was there in spite of the fact that we could not see it — we decided to stay together so that someone did not get lost. Next, as we began lunch we each took a few silent moments to beg for some clearing to view the Three Sisters and the beautiful lake described in hiking books. Sharon said she knew a dance that was sure to bring out the sun but, after she warned us that her dance would blind us, we decided just to beg the god of the mountain for some mercy. But, alas, our cries went unnoticed. We did spy, when we got down on our knees and peered through the heavy fog, beautiful flowers, all of which (thanks to our Summer Camp flower gurus) we knew had four parts! We also found a confused and very lost little toad, absolutely no views, no huckleberries, and no other people (we did not wonder why!). If all of this excitement was not enough, Diane lost her watch and so we retraced our steps for about 30 minutes. We did not find the watch until we returned to the car and looked in George’s backpack. Apparently it fell off while Diane was frantically grabbing for the mosquito repellent. Thanks to all the hikers who helped look for the missing watch. The lesson here is simple: watch out while hiking in the fog on Lowder Mountain. Participants were Janet Hall, Sharon Ritchie, Wendy Clarke, Nola Shurtleff, Mel Zavodsky, Jim Fritz, Lefty Morgan, Wayne Westling, Stephanie Astorino, Linda Buie and George & Diane Jeffcott (leader).

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