Clear Lake

August 27, 1999

This hike was to have been to Black Crater, but due to the snow the Clear Lake hike was substituted. We left Eugene in one car to what promised to be a warm day. After arriving at the Clear Lake Lodge we were on the trail by 10:15 going in a clockwise direction to get through the open lava area before the heat of the day. Since this was a Friday hike there weren’t as many people on the trail. We crossed the highway after about four miles around the lake and hiked along the opposite side of the McKenzie River. After a lunch stop across from Sahalie Falls we continued to Koosah Falls and then to Carmen Reservoir to loop back along the river to join the Clear Lake Trail again. After a cool afternoon in the trees we celebrated our wonderful day by having refreshments at the lodge. One hiker in our group had never been to Clear Lake so she was awed by the beauty of this lake. Members were Dixie Minkler, non-members Effie Neth and Mary Nelson and leader Sandra Larsen. [Footnote: We met a couple of Chemeketans with their 4-year-old grandson. He was hiking all the way round the lake and had been to the Chemeketans summer camp with same grandparents.]

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