Vivian Lake

August 14, 1999

As we hiked to Vivian Lake in a cold drizzle, we had to keep reminding ourselves that this was August 14th and not June 14th. We passed by blooming rhodies, and a few patches of snow until we reached the lake, which had just recently been free of snow. Because the water level was high and the ground marshy, we were restricted in our selection of dining locations to a limited view of the lake. We didn’t linger long over lunch however, as people were starting to get cold, so we set a brisk pace downhill to get warmed up. Our reward for these less-than-perfect weather conditions was three waterfalls, all overflowing with late snow melt. We passed two falls on the way up and the spectacular Diamond Creek Falls on the return trip. It is definitely worth the side trip to the base of the falls. Hikers included Susan Bacon, Rondenet Rauch, Michelle Tambellini, Yuan Hopkins, Karen & Lucy Rayle and Obsidians Bob Huntley, Benette Rauch, Daniele Delaby and Joanne Ledet, leader.

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