Heceta Head/Hobbit Trail

July 30, 1999

This hike was a “cool” place to be. The fog never lifted to keep the temperature down. However, it didn’t allow for any view from Heceta Head. We added the East Loop to our hike. Unfortunately, there were bees on the trail: two people were stung. The map on the trail said this loop was half a mile long; several of us thought it was more like one mile. We all ate lunch at the light house, and three from our group took the tour. We returned through the Hobbit Trail to the beach and back to the cars. This hike has a nice variety of woods and beach to enjoy. Participants were: Karen Myers, Benette Rauch , Benton Elliott, Joe Scheibe, Sheila Ward, Sandra Larsen, Jim Fritz, Daniele Delaby, Sharon Ritchie, Max Brown, Janet Ryan, Mary Nelson, Ruth Romoser and J. Scott Hovis, leader.

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