Rebel Rock/Rebel Creek

July 17, 1999

The day dawned cloudy and cool but did not hamper the enthusiasm of the eleven hardy souls who met to drive to the Rebel Rock trailhead. We began the climb by the Rebel rock trail through deep woods, switchbacks and along a ridge where we caught a glimpse of Yankee Mountain. The route was steep as we traversed the SW slope of a large canyon. We passed through a variety of vegetation, wildflowers and trees. We entered several large open areas before we arrived at Olallie Viewpoint for breathtaking views of the Sisters, Jefferson, Bachelor Butte and Rebel Rock. All agreed the long and tiring trek were well worth the views. Here we rested, ate lunch and democratically planned the rest of the venture.

Well rested we ventured on to the old Rebel rock lookout that was in a state of decline. Then on the trail again traveling slightly downward to hug the base of the mountain supporting Rebel Rock. This area was very open and the views magnificent. A bit further we entered the dense woods again to continue on to the junction with Rebel Creek trail. We were on the downward side of home. It was a long and more gradual decline as we basked in the beauty of this area. We did not often see the creek, but heard the soothing sound of the stream. Nearing the trailhead we crossed two log bridges and at the last stopped for another short break to assess how much further to reach the cars. At last we caught sight of the parking area.

Some of these fine individuals may lead you to believe this was a twenty mile plus 4000 foot elevation gain. I trust you will not believe them, as they all agreed to allow me to lead the way on another outing. Those wonderful members were Max Brown, Barbara Bruns, Jim Clarkson, Mary Ann Hastings, Karen Myers and Joe Scheibe along with soon-to-be-members Daniele Delaby and Jon Tressler. Mari Baldwin and Benton Elliott, non-members added to making this trek very delightful for leader Gerry Roe. I thank each of you for the gaiety and assistance given.

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