Umpqua Dunes, Eel Creek

June 11, 1999

My group of three hikers met at Amazon Center for this week-day hike. The four of us left Eugene under sunny skies, traveling down I-5 to follow the South Umpqua River to the coast. We met the fifth member of our group at the entrance to Eel Creek Campground. Be aware the trail-head is no longer at the campground but a quarter of a mile further south. After parking and starting out the trail was a little confusing as there is a complete new trail to the dunes. Rhodies were just blooming on the trail through the woods. We encountered a County crew of jail trustees working on the trail. This was a new hike for all the non-members and they were in awe of the dunes and the whole landscape. The day was “as good as it gets” on the Oregon coast, warm sun, no wind and a sparkling blue ocean. After crossing the dunes, about two miles, we reached the beach and walked to Ten Mile Creek. Just before the creek we stopped for lunch, and soaked up some sun. After lunch we headed back to our car. This year there weren’t any areas roped off for the Snowy Plover nests. Non-member hikers were Ron Bruton, Giselle Garrity, Mary Nelson, Janet Ryan and trip leader Sandra Larsen.

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