Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

June 2-6, 1999

Rain, some sun, cool and cloudy was the weather pattern of our five-day trip to Malheur and beyond. All told, 86 bird species were seen. Thursday and Friday were spent birding and seeing and listening to the sights and sounds of Malheur Refuge, Diamond Craters and the Round Barn. Saturday we left Malheur, had brunch in Fields, did some local birding and a quick soak in Boggs Hot Springs along the way; checked out the pelican rookery at Pelican Lake north of Adel and continued on to Plush for a quick look at the wet-lands restoration north of Hart Lake; on to Paisley for dinner and camping along the Chewaucum River. Sunday morning we toured Summer Lake Refuge with an excellent sighting of a family of Great Horned Owls, two adults and three fledglings, had lunch at Fort Rock and returned to Eugene in the late afternoon. Additional wildlife that was seen on the trip were skunk, pronghorn, porcupine, deer, coyote and a herd of wild burros near Boggs Hot Springs. Enjoying this trip were Jane Hackett, Sylvia Harvey, Joe Lowry, Sig Otto, Nola Shurtleff, Gene Thaxton and leader Glenn Meares.

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