Shotgun Creek

May 16, 1999

The Shotgun Creek hike began at 10:30 a.m. The day was mild, but dry with temperatures in the mid 60s. It was overcast with well-timed sunbreaks. Given many five-mile hiking options the three hikers chose a largely downhill route that only climbed about one mile. We followed along the creek to the junction to Drury Ridge. There we put in our uphill mile on a moderate grade that led to the ridge top. From the top we began the longer downhill portion of the hike. The terrain blended from Douglas fir, hemlock and cedars to dogwood, lilies and lady slippers. At the next junction we started a sweeping half circle around the rec. area that was far enough away that we weren’t able to hear folks at the park below. We finished the last mile by following the creek along the banks (and through a few marshy areas!), back to the rec. area. We were back at our cars by 1:00 p.m. Nice hike, great company consisting of Dianne Palmer, Laurel Hanley and Sierra Demo (leader).

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