Heceta Head/Hobbit Trail

May 1, 1999

Saturday morning brought our group of eleven together for the drive to Washburne State Park. The closer we drove to the coast the more ominous the skies appeared. Max was very positive about his pet frog reporting we would have a day without a downpour. We arrived and began our hike in a fine mist, arriving on the beach to very little wind but the tide was coming in and was scheduled high in early afternoon. We crossed the smooth varying sized and colored rocks to cross a small creek and stop to visit with two black schnauzers dressed in bright yellow rain jackets matching … those of their owners. We stopped and grouped for a quick snack and pictures subsequent to leaving the beach. We began the five hundred feet climb. The Hobbit trail that was truly a magical like fairyland as we hiked the twisted trail. Max and Margee bringing up the rear assured me that there were three wee people talking in another language as they passed by.

We continued to ascend the hill and began to catch breathtaking views of the ocean and the beach we had crossed. We could hear the pounding of the surf, wind and the birds with their merry tune. On an overhang we watched the Brandt’s Cormorants collecting material for their nests. A few seagulls were hanging around these large, dark birds.

We continued on a winding trail that descended to the Heceta Head Lighthouse. We lunched here and waited for the tour of the lighthouse by volunteer retired folk. We heard about and saw the history of the lighthouse as shared by our wonderful guide. The view of the ocean from the top was breathtaking.

We headed back the same way until we reached Highway 101 where the group crossed the road and reconnected with the unmarked trail called the Valley trail. Two of us stopped and the remaining group forged ahead past the Beaver Lake and Ponds to complete the loop at the Washburne Park.

All agreed it had been a most refreshing outing. Thanks to Max’s pet frog we completed the trip before the rain came in abundance. We agreed to meet at the Gingerbread House for what else, but gingerbread with lemon sauce, ice cream or Autumn soup. We continued the discussion of the success of the trip and agreed to meet up on another Obsidian hike in the weeks to come. Special thanks to those who drove and to Dave Becker for his assistance and leadership.

Hikers were Dave Becker, Max Brown, Barbara Bruns, Wendy Clark, Joella Ewing, Mary Ann Hastings, Walt Jacobson, Effie Neth, Marilyn Waff, Margee Wright and trip leader Gerry Roe.

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