Cape Lookout

April 17, 1999

This trip began at the SEHS park blocks. It was a long drive, approximately 150 miles each way. We stopped at Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge and enjoyed watching the many geese that seemed to be everywhere. We drove on up the Willamette Valley under clear skies. The group arrived at Cape Lookout trailhead a little before noon. Cape Lookout is a thin peninsula that juts into the sea southwest of the City of Tillamook. At about the ¼-mile point on the trail two commemorative plaques list the names of the deceased and the lone survivor of an Army Air Force aircraft that crashed in 1943. We hiked to the end of the Cape, stopping for views on narrow ledges that drop precipitously to the sea several hundred feet below. The day was warm and the views gorgeous at the end of the Cape. We eat lunch and kept 'two eyes open for whales; Max was the first to spot one. We were able to observe four or five whales and a seal. For the next hour we hiked the 2½ miles back out to the trailhead and returned home with a stop at Otter Rock for clam chowder and coffee. Whale-watching hikers were Max Brown, Jim Clarkson, Shelagh Keegan, Lucille Peterson, Anne McLucas, Diane Jeffcott and David Becker (leader).

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