Camp Lichtenstein Rally

April 23, 1999

Camp Lichtenstein captain George Jeffcott reviewed the considerable effort that is required to initiate, set-up and operate an Obsidian Summer Camp. To start with, it was not easy for George and Diane to find a suitable campsite that was also reservable. A nice creek for swimming (and hopefully for fishing) runs through the site found. Camping space will be a bit “cozier” than usual — snorers beware!

George emphasized the major effort by volunteers that makes Summer Camps possible and was pleased to note the generous response to the call for volunteers. The Camp Booklet lists only a small fraction of the hikes that are available in the area. Would-be hike leaders will have to do some homework to plan other hikes.

Everyone will be responsible for their own solar shower water heater. An official Washington State Highway map is recommended. It should perhaps be noted that the proximity to camp to the mountains Adams, Rainier and St. Helens is “as the crow flies” — fill up on gas.

The slides shown, taken by George and Diane during their survey of the area, anticipate a rewarding Summer Camp.

Bep Fontana

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