Mt. Thielsen

September 18-19, 1999

The group camped at Diamond Lake Campground. It was a warm, pleasant and restful night. We got an early start (around 5:00 a.m.). As we were getting geared up on the parking lot a caravan of headlights appeared on the highway, headed in our direction. A large group of Mazamas had the same plan we did. So we took off at a very fast clip — the Boy Scouts leading the way. We kept our distance from the other climbers, and were the first to reach the summit. Everybody made it to the top safely. After a warm hike out, some of us stopped at Diamond Lake for a quick swim. It was a great day for Karl Kriegh, Doug Nelson, Cathy Fairbanks, Dave Euston, Doug McCarty, Wes Clay, Matt Spilde, Dan Hagen, Bob Burnett, Patrice Dirksen and leader Deb Carver.

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