Diamond Peak

May 22, 1999

This trip was originally scheduled for May 1, but snow conditions and road blockages forced us to postpone our trip until May 22. A scouting trip on Wednesday afternoon by Rich and Jan Anselmo confirmed that the road was finally open, and we quickly put together a list of people who were interested in climbing. On Saturday morning, we climbed the Pioneer Gulch route on snow that was already getting soft under the morning sunshine. On the summit ridge, we encountered very strong winds that made progress difficult. We managed to put all our climbers on the summit, but found it an inhospitable place, and quickly retreated for the shelter of the SW ridge. Long glissades in wonderful, soft snow quickly deposited us back at tree line. After quick snack and a group signing of the summit book, we attempted to follow our unmarked route back down to the cars, using two separate GPS units, which very quickly pointed us in two different directions. Having failed to properly set my GPS map screen to “track up” mode, I disagreed with Rich’s bearing, which was exactly right, and tried to convince the group to follow me up and over a densely forested ridge line. That plan turned ugly quickly, and a good old-fashioned compass reading confirmed Rich’s bearing. Once we sorted out the proper bearing, the walk was quick and direct. Enjoying this wonderful day m the sun were Jan & Rich Anselmo, Penny McAvoy, Doug Quirk, Matt Spilde, Steve Still, and (so-called) leader Brian Hoyland.

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