Fall Color

October 7, 1999

The last By-Ways by Bus trip for the year was our Fall Color trip and we went up the North Santiam going by way of I-5 to the Jefferson exit. We then went by back roads through Marian to Stayton where we had our morning break. We stopped at the Pioneer Park where there is a historic covered bridge that has been restored, as the original bridge brought in from Jordan was destroyed by Christmas tree lights. After coffee, cookies, etc., we found our way to the Santiam Hwy. Rosella, who grew up in Stayton, pointed out a lot of landmarks and guided us to the park and out of town. We continued on the Santiam Hwy. and as we neared historic Niagara Park, Ray took over as our guide. He led us down the three flights of steel steps leading to a wall built in 1898 by early lumber people who had built a mill at Niagara Park and were trying to dam the Santiam River (Chinese laborers built the wall), but the dam was continually washed out by floods. Many walked on the still-solid rock wall to look at the fantastic views of the bubbling and gushing river as it flows around the large rocks. We left Niagara Park, stopped at the Ranger Station and got directions to Detroit Flats, where we had lunch. Ray then guided us to Hwy. 47 along the Breitenbush River, a prime Fall color area and we were beginning to see lots of red and yellow maple. We came to Ripplecreek but even with a pretty name there was very little there except all the buildings have been taken over by a learning center school. We continued on to Hwy. 224 and were now along the beautiful Clackamas River which becomes wider and deeper and almost like a lake as it is dammed and supplies water to the Portland area. We ended Hwy. 224 at Estacada and stopped at the city park for our final rest stop, finishing up the cookies and left for home going through Woodburn and to I-5, arriving around 6:00. Many thanks to Rosella and Ray for assistance in leading the trip and thanks to all who brought crackers and cookies.

Riders were: Ethel Allen, Jan Beals, Marian Borchardt, Mary Bridgeman, June Booth, Kent Christoferson, Ingrid Carmichael, Mary Lee Cheadle, Clair Cooley, Sue Colley, Florence Douglas, Dora Harris, Shirley Hendrickson, Evelyn Hile, Jean & Ray Jensen, Rosella Jones, Virginia Kapsa, Ann Keating, Dodie Leppmann, Britt Lindstrom, Cleora Mersdorf, June Moody, Frances Newsom, Murial Parker, Liz Reanier, Edna Robertson, Kathleen Schlenker, Dick & Janet Speelman, Wally Swanson, John Thomson, Maggie Howell, Hazel Peck and Bette Hack (leader).

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