Ikenick SnoPark

December 6, 1998

December 6, intended to be an early season ski trip to reach snow at 7,000 ft. Snow Creek Meadows, turned predictions around. Snow was falling at 500 ft., roads were icy, so we stopped at Ikenick SnoPark near Clear Lake. Deep snow and trail breaking (shared by all) dominated our cloudy, viewless, snowing day. We took the ski trail south from the SnoPark through a forested winter wonderland enlivened by mammal tracks and a million or so springtail insects (possibly Achocutes niviculus, said to be abundant on snow) that seemed to appear after we disturbed the snow with our passage. The speculation is that they have evolved to feed on ski wax, especially canola oil. Not one Snowmobilus masculinus was seen or heard this refreshing early-winter day. While nine people withdrew, participants were Ruthie Kanagay (thanks for driving), Don Ladigin, Anne McLucas, Linda Roe and Bob Lemon (leader).

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