Yoran Lake

March 8, 1998

Starting from the Gold Lake SnoPark, 12 of us headed for Pengra Pass and Midnight Lake with a high-speed, energetic group out in front and some of us slower ones bringing up the rear. After a regrouping near Midnight Lake, we continued up the PCNST at a slower pace with several stalwarts breaking trail through heavy snow. It was a Maxiglide day with occasional flurries and sun breaks, high with energy and beautiful in the snow-covered trees. About quarter-of-a-mile before Arrowhead Lake, we came to a spot with a steepish slope running to the left of the trail. Here we left the Crest Trail to go cross-country, bearing about 200 degrees, on a course that takes one down a line of unnamed lakes (known informally as the “False Deception Lakes”). After leaving the third lake, we changed the course to 215 and presently came to Deception Lake, so named because it is, in fact, not lake at all. In the summer one finds here a mosquito infested swamp. The outlet from Yoran Lake flows through this area and we followed its right side for a ways before heading up the final moraine to Lake Yoran. We ate a second lunch in the face of an icy wind blowing down from the clouds covering Diamond Peak. The slopes of Mt. Yoran could be seen through the mist. After lunch we headed back at an exhilarating pace and were to the cars in under two hours. Enjoying this trip were Ken Bates, Janet Hall, Karl Hurtle, John Hegg, Dick Hildreth, Andrew McIvor, Sam Miller, Paul Riley, Chris Steele, Craig Weinener, Renata Walker and John Mowat (leader).

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