Maklaks Loop

January 24, 1998

The phrase “Go for it!” certainly paid off for the five people (out of 15) who didn’t get turned off by reports of rain. The sky was overcast, the snow had a “crust” — not ice. One half-hour after we started out, it began to snow — big, fat, soft flakes. It was marvelous. We elected to do the upper leg of the loop so that we could have a nice ski out. It snowed all the way to the lunch stop (where the lower loop joins the upper). It wasn’t really cold so a leisurely lunch was enjoyed with everyone sitting in a tree well. About the time the skis went back on, the sun came out and stayed out. Wow! Doris was great. Her first time on cross-country skis. After about 20 minutes, she had the hang of it and took off. My very sincere thanks to Bob for breaking trail and to everyone for making my first winter trip as leader so much fun! A stop at Magillicutty’s in Oakridge topped off a perfect day. Non-members were Doris Kwong and Bob Foster; Obsidians were Cheryl Berry and Royal Murdock … oh yes, and Sharon Ritchie, leader.

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