Big Lake/Ray Benson

January 8, 1998

Originally there were 10 people that showed up at the Amazon Community Center out of 11 names on the list. However, nobody seemed to have a winterized vehicle that they were willing to drive, and my car could hold only four people (counting me). That’s when good old Art (to his ever-lasting glory) volunteered to fill his Beetle with four bodies. He said it had 400,050 miles on it that he put on after he had bought it used, which is why everybody has to help coax it up the hills. Had he not made that offer, the last four people to sign up would have had to be left behind. This is a problem that readers of this Bulletin ought to ponder: If everyone puts down “want transportation” but no one but the leader offers to take people, a lot of people will have to be left behind in future. In that case, I’d make a selection based on who does not own a car (mainly students and out-of-town visitors), and take three of those to show them the beauty of Oregon. People who own cars would have to be left behind and limit themselves to fair weather hiking! The rest is known to many: the largely level terrain, the snow that is so much better than on the west side of the Cascades, the short distance (two miles) to Big Lake, where the sun broke through sporadically and lit up the white expanse of the icy lake. The best part was that there were relatively few snowmobiles with their angry hornets’ engines and smelly exhaust fumes. On the way back we soaked in Belknap, then ate supper at the Vida Cafe (what a friendly waitress!); Mom’s Pies was closed. The trip sheet said return to Eugene by 7:00 pm. We did exactly that, with maybe 5 minutes to spare. A request for people who (don’t) read trip sheets: Please note that “time of departure” does not mean “time of arrival” at the parking lot. Also, be prepared to stay out until the scheduled time of return. If you have to be back sooner, you shouldn’t sign up unless you can provide your own transportation. Big Lake participants were Genie Currier, Maggie Gontrum, Sandra Larsen, Dot Leland, Art Skach, Renate Walker, Laura Zuke and Helmut Plant (trip leader).

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