Cloverpatch Butte

November 14, 1998

This turned out to be a great hike with a congenial group of people and the weather was clear, cool and sunny. As we hiked around the Buckhead Interpretive Trail we were saddened to see so much vandalism to the bathrooms and trail signs. We had gorgeous views of Diamond Peak and the Willamette River as we liked and ate lunch. We didn’t see any elk … but much evidence of their presence. The recent clear cut at the top was a shock. There is no excuse for this sort of butchery. On the way down Sam Tracer skirted over an almost 4-ft. diameter log that had fallen across the trail. On past hikes and on the way up we always hiked around the beast, but Sam made it seem so easy we all slowly followed suit. I’ll bet he could even get over the infamous Fall Creek log. Happy hikers and log climbers were Anne McLucas, Sig Otto, Nola Shurtleff, Sam Tracer and leader Margee Wright.

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