Clear Lake

October 24, 1998

This trip turned out to be an orientation hike of 13 wannabes, one tryingitagainer, and only four knowitalls. The fantastic weather during signups inspired many more, but the rainy weather discouraged (and perhaps the U. of O. homecoming game encouraged!) several from not coming. We didn’t see any wildlife because everyone had left or was hibernating even the lodge people had gone for the winter. The only creatures we ran into were Helmut Plant and his group who had kindly helped keep our eating place at Great Springs warm and dry for us and then left in the direction we had just come. Oh, what a minute … I almost forget the bicyclists who ran into us! I don’t think anyone was disappointed in our hike because the lake and surrounding scenery are always beautiful in the Fall even when it’s drizzling. Most of the group stopped on the way home to walk down to Sahalie and Koosah Falls. Our wet but happy hikers were: Joan Bradley, photographer Don Gilman, Mary Goldsmith, Connie Hansen, Mary Helms, Jennifer Hewke, Ellen Leinbach, Lynn Miller, Jan Ogsbury, Peter & Vinnie Rodda, Lise Stuart, Bill & Muriel Willingham, Max Brown, Mary Ann Hastings, Sheila Ward and Margee Wright (leader).

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