Wildwood Falls, Rujada C.G.

October 17, 1998

Bob Devine led the Eugene group down to the meeting place at the Row River Bike Trail, where the leader and the Springfield contingent convened. The weather was quite cool, a bit cloudy with a possible shower forecast. This ride was an international one since Klaas is from Holland and joined us while he is visiting. We have known him from his past visits in Eugene. We rode on the beautiful trail and stopped to admire the falls, which several riders had not seen before. The sun made an appearance for the occasion. Hunger was gnawing at us so we proceeded to Rujada Campground, four miles beyond. The campground is officially closed for the season, but we can go in and enjoy lunch at a picnic table. After lunch, Jennifer was assisted in fixing a flat she had acquired on the way into the campground. The weather had warmed and improved. The colorful leaves and nice scenery made for a great day. This trip is 32 miles long. Biking today were John Agnew, Jennifer Baer, Gayle Berge, Bob Devine, Richard Moffitt, Karen & Lucy Rayle, Klaas Veenstra, Rick Wilmath and leader Shirley Froyd. [Note: This trip was incorrectly listed - for December - in the 1998 Trips Schedule, so don't expect this ride again then!]

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