Triangulation Peak

September 26, 1998

After a drizzle to settle the dust, the weather looked more promising as five hikers drove to the Mt. Jefferson area. Three Chemeketans from Salem met us where we left the North Santiam Hwy., and followed us up to the trailhead. After the easy hike in, we found a gusty breeze at the site of the old lookout (where the leader had gone about 47 years earlier to visit a friend who was manning the lookout). That building had gone the way of many old lookouts over the years. We descended a few feet to get out of the breeze and ate our lunch there. Clouds were hiding much of the mountain, which had a fresh coat of new snow. After lunch, we went out aways then down through the trees and along the steep rock to Boca Cave (Boca, meaning mouth). From one area of this huge cave, the high entrance very nicely frames the view of Mt. Jefferson. Clouds rose up and passed by the summit, obscuring our view of the summit area, but we could see some of the peak up almost to the top. It was really beautiful with the sun shining on the very white new snow plastering the rocks. We had a congenial group of hikers and the weather turned out to be fine for a very nice hike to an interesting area. Soon after starting down to our cars, we had a nice view of the mountain, with the summit now visible. Few scenes could be more inspiring. Nonmembers on our hike were Henry Dizney, Robert Motzer, Marilyn Bauer, Lois Egan and Jo Ann vonBorstel (the latter three Chemeketans) and Obsidians Doris Allen, Royal Murdock and Norm Benton, leader.

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