Eddeeleo Lake

September 12, 1998

On our hike to Lower Eddeeleo Lake we made several short side trips. One was a vista where we saw two of the Three Sisters. The other side trips were to see some of the lakes in the area, including Upper and Lower Quinn Lakes and Long Lake. We ate lunch on the north shore of Lower Eddeeleo Lake, the largest lake in the Waldo Wilderness. The fire lookout on Waldo Mountain can be seen from this point. It took us about four hours of hiking to get in and out. We didn’t see many people, especially with the nice weather and opening day of hunting season. Ed took an informal survey asking us what we thought about a suggestion to drop the number of qualifying trips from three to one. We were of the opinion that qualifying trips should stay the same because it shows more commitment. I really enjoyed the day: all present set a good pace and appreciated each other’s company. Hikers were Elliot Aronin, Janet Hall, Teresita Ladd, Ed Lichtenstein and J. Scott Hovis (leader).

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