Twin Peaks

September 6, 1998

Twelve intrepid hikers were anxious to stretch their legs as we left the SEHS parking lot at 8:00 am under gorgeous skies. As we turned off Hwy. 58 onto the Waldo Lake Road, each car was stopped by the Forest Service and its occupants asked to complete a questionnaire on the area. After 6.2 miles to the trailhead, we were en route up through lodgepole pine, mountain hemlock and huckleberry bushes. In half an hour, we crossed the Pacific Crest Trail, after which the real climbing began. We hiked past gray tarns and up the red cinder of the crater rim to our shaded lunch spot on the north Twin summit. The views in all directions were magnificent. The major Cascade peaks from Jefferson to McLoughlin were visible. The full length of Waldo Lake lay beneath us, and south-central Oregon with its myriad lakes was viewed. Many hikers crossed over the saddle to the south Twin summit, where views south were equally beautiful. We descended through the trees and on a dusty trail headed home. Enjoying this lovely hike were Obsidians Elliot Aronin, Janet Hall, Bill & Margaret Prentice, Nola Shurtleff and Ralph Nafziger (leader) and non-members Jane Beckwith, Julie Daniel, Lana Lindstrom, Brenda Sirois, Rohan Theiss and Steven Thompson.

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