Oppie Dildock Pass

August 30, 1998

We started out on the Scott Trail with a goal of summitting either Little Brother or Collier Cone. The warm day resulted in a revision of our goals, with Marial stopping a little before Minnie Scott Spring, Bev and Doug stopping at the spring, and Brian going on to Oppie Dildock Pass. There was quite a congregation at the spring when Brian came back by including both day hikers and people on holiday trips. One backpacker who was in the midst of a trip from Mt. Hood to Crater Lake, and was less than happy at that point in his journey, had underestimated the amount of food that would be required for such an undertaking. Some of the hikers assembled at the spring, including some Obsidians, helped him out by sharing food with him, which he very much appreciated. Our Obsidian group regrouped and we made our way back down the Scott Trail, and decided to head up Four-in-One Cone on our way out. We caught some refreshing breezes at the top, as well as some stunning views. All in all, this trip was a great way to spend the last Sunday in August by Brian Hoyland, Bev Woods, Marian Cross and leader Doug Quirk.

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