Black Crater

August 22, 1998

Because of the number of people signed up for this hike we decided to include everyone and hike as two groups. George Baitinger and Doug Quirk agreed to co-lead with trip leader Gerry Roe. Dan Bates, Dave Becker, Jim & Melody Clarkson, Bev Woods and Doug left the parking lot ahead of the second group. They were the Prancers, and summited ahead of us Plodders. The Plodders group consisted of George Baitinger who agreed to the sweep position. Those of us in the second group trudged up the moderately steep incline through the woods and stopped at several openings to view the mountains rising up as we gained elevation. After passing through valleys and ridges the trees began to be widely spaced over uneven terrain and we then descended slightly in several areas. As we entered a more open alpine area we could view Central Oregon. We had a short open area to cross which was lava and a final short climb to the summit of abrasive lava. What a panoramic view of the numerous peaks surrounding this impressive and immense crater. Reaching the summit in the Plodder group were George Baitinger, Diana Cantwell, Keith Christensen, Mary Ann Hastings, Ruth Kanagy, Sandra Larsen and Gerry Roe. Carla McNelly turned back partway through the hike. We all agreed as we had lunch on the summit that this was a perfect day for hiking. A special thanks to all participants for making this such a great outing.

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