Tam McArthur Rim

August 16, 1998

This Wilderness hike to Tam McArthur Rim, limited to 12, wound up having only eight participants after late cancellations and no-shows. Next year I’ll post my sign-up sheet no earlier than seven days before the trip. Some statistics: it took us exactly three hours to get to the trailhead at 11:00 am, allowing for one rest stop at Harris Wayside in McKenzie Bridge. We covered the 2.5 mile uphill in 100 minutes at an average hiking speed of 1.5 mph. We arrived back at the trailhead by 15.00 hr., and in Sisters about 15.45. The driving distance, round trip, by car, is 246.6 miles from the SEHS parking lot. At noon, on the plateau, we saw a woman kneeling next to the trail, focusing a camera on something. I took a chance: “Buon giorno, Sylvia!” When the answer came back, “Buon giorno, Hank!” I knew we had caught up with our eighth hiker, Sylvia Giustina, who was going to meet us at the trail (and leave us in Sisters). That’s because she hikes at a speed of 1 km/h, as she likes to look around and see things, not just get there as fast as possible. A nice couple, celebrating their 25th anniversary, took our group picture on the Rim. In return we took theirs. As soon as we vacated the premises another group moved in. And it wasn’t long before we were in the midst of a large group of youngsters communicating with one another across distances both viva voce (pretty “viva”, I’d say!) and by walkie-talkie. We pressed on to quickly get through the dust created earlier by horses and now churned up by restless (and bored?) young feet. Back at the cars, no tickets for Rich and Sylvia (for failure to have a trailhead parking permit). We had learned from a ranger on the Rim that since “Iron Rangers” were being broken into for their money the Forest Service was now issuing envelopes to drivers without permits, asking them to mail in their money. Rim hikers were Rocio Banderas, Jim Fritz, Sylvia Giustina, Diane Jeffcott, Dixie & Rich Minkler, Bev Woods and Helmut Plant (leader).

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