Fall Creek Trail

August 8, 1998

You might say our hike “got off on the wrong foot”. Shortly after we parted the trail head at Dolly Varden Campground, Joella Ewing fell and turned her ankle. It was apparent that she was not going to be able to complete the hike. Complicating matters was the fact she was one of our drivers. We decided, however, that her three passengers would be distributed among the remaining cars. Hence, Joella was able to return to her home and care for her sore foot. The delay, nevertheless, caused us to stop for lunch short of the Johnny Creek Campground. This was not a hardship by any means, as we found a nice spot beside the creek. Some folks were ready to use the “facilities” when we did reach the Johnny Creek Campground. Several were not, however, and continued walking up the trail toward Bedrock Campground. They learned, to their chagrin, that Bedrock Campground is like a maze. Instead of the group getting together again, at that juncture, the main party reached, and departed, Bedrock Campground unaware of their plight. Our assumption that they were still ahead of us turned to a feeling of anxiety and concern when we reached the hike’s destination and did not find them there. By the time we had retrieved the other cars, however, they had finally reached the hike objective, too. All’s well that ends well, as they say, but the lesson to be learned is apparent: Do not intentionally detach yourself from the main group! Our hike roster included Susan Baker, Joella Ewing, Mary Ann Hastings, Jessica Friedman, Rita Johnson, Ken Jonson, Teresita Ladd, Myhra ?-?, Sandra Larsen, Joachim Lehner, Mary Millman, Diane Palermi, Carol Schwerling, Aileen Trainor, Mel Zavodsky and Vernon Barkhurst, leader.

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