Oppie Dildock Pass

August 8, 1998

A contingent of 10 hikers arrived at Frog Camp with a Wilderness Use Permit in hand. This hike can be hot and dusty, but conditions this day were quite good for hiking. We used the promontory by Oppie Dildock Pass as a site for a late lunch while enjoying the fantastic view north. At the pass half the group ascended the ridge to view what is left of Collier Glacier, while the other half lounged in the sun. Proceeding on, we were greeted at Sunshine Meadow by a gorgeous field of wild flowers — red, yellow, blue and white. By six o’clock we were back at our car. It was a long but rewarding hike enjoyed by Dan Bates, Max Brown, Diana Cantwell, Dick Hildreth, Don Ladigin, Peggy Lee Mathes, Doug Quirk, Bev Woods and Richard Heinzkill (leader).

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