Tahkenitch Dunes

July 25, 1998

We were happy to be heading for the coast on a hot day in the Willamette Valley. The sky was blue so streaks of sunlight shone through as we hiked in the woods. After gazing at Three-Mile Lake, we headed to the beach where a blanket of fog greeted us. The ocean waves were whipped up by the wind; it was dramatic! The headwind slowed us down a bit but we all made it through the dunes in fine shape. On the return trip we treated ourselves at Alpha Bits in Mapleton, where we found a little park behind the stores by the river. It was hot again so the ice cream sure tasted good! The nine of us were: Wendy Clarke, Ellie Maliner, Lois Weinfeld, Sheila Ward, John Agnew, Teresita Ladd, Kathleen Nolte, Shirley Froyd and leader Shirley Cameron.

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