Jones Trail

July 25, 1998

The day was hot and sunny as we left the parking lot at 58th and Main in Springfield. We arrived at Bedrock Campground to find a cool breeze and shade. Our hike began on the Fall Creek Trail within the campground and traveled east for three-quarters of a mile before arriving at the junction for Jones Trail. It was a gradual climb to the ridgeline, passing huckleberry bushes laden with large red berries that were sour to the taste-buds. Several areas were steeper to climb and hug the ridge. At one point we all were able to catch a view of Little Cowhorn Mt. Finally, we ascended to the meadow that was very dry but still spotted with purple, white and pink flowers. We ate lunch and then completed the final one to one-and-ahalf miles to Rd. 1817. We passed over Bedrock and Slide Creeks and through an old harvested unit. We all agreed it had been a very pleasant outing, even without a true summit and panoramic views. Jones Trail hikers were Max Brown, Christine Grandy, Don Ladigan, Peggy Lee Mathes, Lowell Thomas and Gerry Roe (leader).

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