Four-In-One Cone

July 25, 1998

Twelve hikers arrived at the trailhead between mileposts 71 and 72 on the McKenzie Pass Highway at 10:15. We gained 1300 ft. over four miles through forest, basalt flows and open areas and came to the turn-off to Four-in-One Cone around noon. Most of the hikers continued across the volcanic rocks and sand and up the final 150 ft. of elevation to the cone. The panorama included North Sister up close and the other volcanic peaks to the north, plus basalt flows and lesser peaks and ridges in all directions. The skies remained clear and warm. By the end of the hike, thunderheads were developing to the south-east, and it was hot. We enjoyed cooling breezes during the hike, and we started down the road for the valley at 3:30. Hikers were Janet Hall, Mary Ann Hastings, Elliot Aronin, Bev Wood, Dan Bates, Richard Sundt, Keith Christensen, Sharon Ritchie, Sandra Larsen, Lynette Boone, Richard Lemon and Allan Coons, trip leader.

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