Yapoah Crater

July 22, 1998

While much of Oregon was sweltering in the mid-90s, our trip to Matthieu Lakes and Yapoah Crater was quite comfortable. Starting from Lava Lake Campground at 10:15, we went first to South Matthieu Lake, enjoying the great views from the ridge. We could see Yapoah Crater with its distinctive round snow field, North and Middle Sister, Belknap Crater, Three-Fingered Jack, Washington, Jefferson and even Mt. Hood. We had our lunch at the lake, and a few of us took advantage of the water for a short swim. We continued on to Yapoah Crater with most of us clambering up the scree to the top for another splendid view. When we got back to South Matthieu Lake, several decided to get in the water, which was very refreshing in the afternoon sun. We went back to Lava Lake C.G. by way of North Matthieu Lake, arriving around 4:00 p.m. The group, which kept up a surprisingly brisk pace, included non-members John Agnew, John Hanby, and Karen & Lucy Rayle, and Obsidians Max Brown, Dick Hildreth, Scott Hovis, Karen Myers, Dixie Minkler and Dan Bates & Harold Owen (co-leaders).

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