Threemile Lake

July 16, 1998

Sixteen people had signed up for this 6½-mile hike on a weekday, of whom three didn’t show up. We left at 8:00 a.m. and arrived at the trailhead in Tahkenitch Campground at 10:00. We decided to follow Bill Sullivan’s description, hiking counter-clockwise and doing the greater part of the “work” in the morning hours. Dick Hildreth took the lead, as I had always taken the “inland passage” through the dunes before. As we finally broke out onto the flat wet and hard sand of the beach the sun too began to break through the fog here and there. We seemed to be walking through a flight of chambers alongside the ocean, some filled with milky, bluish light, some with brilliant sunshine. There was not another person (or dune buggy) in sight, and only the sound of “la mer” in our ears. The one-mile of beauty was worth the drive from Eugene. But there was more. Dick soon found the well-marked connecting trail from the beach to Threemile Lake and soon he, Don, Mary Ann, Tze-lan and I were swimming in the lake while the other nine decided to have lunch at the trailhead at the edge of the forest. On the way home my car stopped at the Alphabits Cafe in Mapleton (thanks, Tze-lan, for the ice coffee and vanilla ice cream; next time it’ll be my treat at the Gingerbread Village!). They serve very good coffee for 35¢ a cup. No road coffee here! Coast hikers were Max Brown, Mary Ann Hastings, Dick Hildreth, Don Ladigan, Dixie Minkler, Lucile Peterson, Dick, Karen & Lucy Rayle, Tze-lan Sang, Carol Schwerling, Clare Tucker, Sheila Ward and Helmut Plant (trip leader).

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