Three Pyramids

July 12, 1998

We left Eugene under overcast skies but by the time we reached the trailhead the skies were clear and sunny. The flowers were in full bloom and we stopped repeatedly along the trail to look at and identify them. On the summit we enjoyed an excellent view of the Cascade peaks except that Mt. Jefferson was covered by a large cloud. For an exciting moment the cloud parted enough to reveal the summit, only to close in again. After a leisurely lunch we relaxed on the summit for a while and looked down into the meadow far below in the glacial bowl. Reluctantly, we finally headed down. It seemed that there were butterflies everywhere, from the summit on down. A blue butterfly was seen on a lupine plant and there was some speculation about whether it was a rare type. After a good hike on a warm day, we were happy to reach the creek at the trailhead and drink the cold pop we had left there. Hikers were Diane Braun, Maggie Gontrum, Dick Hildreth and leader Dan Bates.

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