Iron Mountain/Cone Peak

July 11, 1998

Half of Eugene was probably at the Country Fair. Surely the other half had to be on Iron Mountain — Hardy Plant Society, Audubon Society, Altairs, Chemeketans and our intrepid 16 among a few thousand others! One young woman showed up at the SEHS park blocks, asked if this group was going to Iron Mt … only later discovered she was with the Audubon group, not ours! In spite of the crowd, the day was perfect. We followed Bill Sullivan’s “hook-up trail” between the two trailheads to make a loop hike. [NOTE: The Tombstone Nature Trail sign had been propped against a gate on the Santiam Wagon Road. The trail is just before the gated road. This took us off course for a time until we got onto the proper trail. Be careful. It’s a narrow trail that angles sharply down the hill. Also the trail coming off Iron Mt. going to the parking is now located approximately 75 feet further west. Thank you, Marc.] Thanks to Roy and Helmut for helping with the driving. Thanks to Glade and Sky for joining us; we hope they soon become members. Oh, by the way, the flowers were fantastic, best I’ve ever seen. Obsidians were Lynette Booth, Alan Coons, Janet Hall, Marc Hansen, Helen Liguori, Karen Myers, Helmut Plant and Art Skach. Non-members were Roy Dwyer, Carla McNelly, Joe Scheibe (better known as Mt. Pisgah Joe), Carol Schwerling, Glade & Sky Skach and Clarence Townsend. Somewhere-in-the-pack leader, Sharon Ritchie.

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