Santiam Wagon Road

June 28, 1998

Nineteen miles of the historic Santiam Wagon Road is now restored for hiking and horseback riding. The section we chose to hike starts at the west trailhead, near Mountain House Restaurant on Hwy. 20, and proceeds east to House Rock through magnificent trees and lush vegetation. We slogged the muddy House Rock Loop Trail to see the huge rock and House Rock waterfall. Then crossing the Santiam River on a new footbridge that replaces one washed out in floods two winters ago, we found a shaded picnic table in House Rock Campground for lunch. The weather was great, hikers congenial and our only possible complaint was mud from recent rains. Leaving the trail early afternoon, we hurried home to clean footwear, and some of us had a nap before dinner! Hikers were Elliot & Priscilla Aronin, Wendy Clarke, Donna Hein, Ray Jensen, Norma Jones, Mary Millman, Dixie Minkler, Nola Shurtleff, Judi, Mike and Velma Shirk (trip leader).

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