Mt. June (via Lost Creek)

June 16, 1998

Thirteen people had signed up for this long (eight miles RT), steep (1868-ft. elevation gain) hike on a weekday. We left at 9:30 a.m. in one van, two cars and a pickup (whose driver wasn’t going to return to Eugene after the hike). We set out at 10:15; the old Forest Service sign marking the Lost Creek trailhead was gone, with only a few rocks and fresh dirt marking the spot where it had stood. A plastic ribbon hanging from a branch said “Lost Creek Trail 2.5 miles”, presumably to the intersection with the Sawtooth Trail (Sullivan says 1.9 miles). Finally on top the wildflowers (which included a white penstemon) were no disappointment; even some snow-covered mountainsides were visible in the east, with their tops hidden in clouds. After a couple of group pictures we left at 13:15, split in two: Dan Bates and everyone except Sylvia, Sandra and me went ahead to visit the base of Sawtooth Rock, while we three headed back to the cars at a more leisurely pace, arriving there at 15:35. An amazingly short time later the Sawtooth Rock group showed up too. After waiting for everyone’s car to start up, I brought up the rear again, arriving in Eugene about a quarter after five. Hikers were Brenda Andrew, Dan Bates (leader of Sawtooth Rock expedition), Eun Hee Chon, James & Melody Clarkson, Sylvia Giustina, Sandra Larsen, Jack O’Leary, David Roderick, Tze-lan Sang, Joe Scheibe, Art Skach, Jan Smyth and Helmut Plant (trip leader).

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