Cerro Gordo

June 6, 1998

Sunny weather greeted the folks who drove through fog to reach Cerro Gordo. The seven of us first checked out a cob cottage and a log house then hiked up a logging road looking at yew trees and wildflowers and made our way through grasses and wet ground to the old Doolittle homestead area. The fragrance of mint greeted us as we followed the little streamlets downhill. Bless them for planting it at the turn of the century! We walked past pear, plum and apple trees on the way to see the remains of a well and the Doolittle cemetery. It was sad to see the ages of the children who died from diphtheria. The group then hiked downhill to the large “central” meadow where we ate lunch and gazed at the view of mountains and Dorena Lake. After lunch, we wound our way down through the meadows to a forested area and a small neighborhood. (A tick decided to come along on one of us but was dispatched quickly by a nearby hiker.) Onward through another forest and up a meadow to a house where chocolate cake and ice cream was served to celebrate Shirley Froyd’s birthday. Hikers were Nola Shurtleff, Maggie Gontrum, Marilyn Waff, Sam Tracer, Dona Griffith (wildflower and history resource), Shirley Froyd and leader Shirley Cameron.

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