Shotgun Creek & Coburg Hills

May 27, 1998

We got off to bit of a slow start, this being a Wednesday and a little more difficult to find each other at SEHS and get the cars parked properly. However, we soon made up the time on the relatively short (32 mile) drive to Shotgun Creek. We hiked the Meadow Loop Trail, the first part of which follows Shotgun Creek. Underfoot, it was quite wet but fortunately there was no rain, and in fact we had quite a bit of sun before the day was over. After lunch we drove to McGowan Creek to check out the wildflower meadow and then continued on to a viewpoint high on the Coburg Hills with a magnificent view of the Willamette Valley below. We were home early and thankful for such a nice day and respite from rain. Hikers were: Susan Baker, Mary Millman, Sam Tracer, Clare Tucker, Gloria Youngbauer and leader Leona Devine.

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