Mt. Pisgah

May 24, 1998

Our hardy band assembled in the wind and rain at the Arboretum parking lot and promptly headed for the top up Beistel’s west summit trail. Before long the rain stopped and the wind subsided. Trailside growth was lush, and poison oak, cat’s ears, wild iris, pale flax and rose checker mallow were all much in evidence. Near the summit we turned down Beistel’s east summit trail to begin our 1000-ft. descent to the east trailhead. This newly graveled trail is very passable. We encountered deer as we hiked along. From the east trailhead we hiked Dery’s south summit trail 2.1 miles back up to the summit, then back to the cars. Mt. Pisgah hikers were Susan Baker, Alan Coons, Margaret Malsch, Jan Smith and Marc Hansen, leader.

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