Kentucky Falls

May 17, 1998

Tire Mountain became Kentucky Falls, 12 miles became five, and Saturday became Sunday. Just a few minor adjustments led to a most pleasant, very wet day. As usual, the drive into the trailhead was an adventure in itself. (A bear shared the road with me on a scouting trip a week earlier!) The rain was gentle and after a week of the wet stuff, the falls roared. Although the sun came out occasionally during lunch, the trees continued to drip. It was a lovely hike, though. My sincere thanks to Elliot for driving and members Rita Johnson, Mary Millman, Nola Shurtleff and Elliot Aronin; and non-members Lynette Boone and Janet Smythe for sharing my first hike this season. A some-sorta-leader, Sharon Ritchie.

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